Rushmore Online Casino

The UIGEA, at least for me, was a blessing in disguise. I was a dedicated player at an online casino that fell to the wrath of the government, so I started looking for a new place. I read that Rushmore Casino accepts US players, as well as any players worldwide (the site is in English) and also heard about it from likeminded gaming fanatics. After trying it out, I ended up staying there a long time, and now I have found an even better casino at which to enjoy myself.

The intro page was great, and the slick graphics suggested that this was not a run of the mill gaming site. I liked the $888 welcome bonus, and was very relieved when all the financial stuff got squared away without undue problems. Believe me, in an age of more government intrusion, it’s nice to deal with a gaming website that makes it easy to have fun on the Internet.

It only got better when I started to read up on the kind of bonuses this place offers. Besides a two-stage $888 new player match-up, Rushmore Casino gives you regular bonuses for use on weekdays, on the weekend, and for every month.

They also give holiday and special event promotions. After becoming familiar with their selection of slots games, I went for an incredible 50% weekday match up bonus that chucked in $5000 bucks to my playing account. You can get the same deal for blackjack and video poker.

In fact, Rushmore carries just about every game imaginable – three and five reel slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps. Each game can be played in a number of variations, ranging from the classics like baccarat and Pai Gow, to weird yet fun slot games (“Happy Golden Ox of Happiness” and “Operation MYOW”).

When you play as much as I do, trying a new version of a game often brings some interesting new rules, strategies, and ways to hit the jackpot. No game has as many variations as slots, and Rushmore carries a fair share of them.

I played a bunch of five reel, twenty payline slot games. I find they offer the most room for strategizing and frequent payouts. In addition, take a look at Rushmore’s home page, and you’ll see how many slot games rack up some amazing progressive jackpot levels.

Rushmore lets you go slow with wagers per line ranging from one cent to five dollars, so if you pay all twenty lines (which maxes your chance of winning), you can bet anywhere from twenty cents to 100 dollars.

I advise that you spend a few minutes reading the help screen so you know what is going on, but in general, if you’re lucky, you can earn a nice number of bonus spins and winning combinations in a short time.

My stint at Rushmore ended up in a healthy payout. Best of all, I didn’t need to jump through any hoops to get the funds. Overall, Rushmore Casino really impressed me (and just about everyone else, apparently) with an all around great experience that I will definitely repeat in the near future.

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