Rome Casino, The Best Online Casino

Rome Casino offers good security, fair play, and an assortment of games that includes blackjack, roulette, video poker, and keno, as well as 88 different slot machines in both video and classic formats.

Rome is approved by CAP and GPWA … and by a multitude of online gamblers who return to the site time after time, day after day, to play there.

Initially it’s probably the bonuses, which include a Welcome Bonus up to $3500, plus referral bonuses for all the friends you bring to the site (and there’s no limit!). There is also a promotion that promises a FREE trip to the city of Rome — yes, the one in Italy! — expenses paid, for one lucky winner.
That’s what draws them in. And for a good reason.

After that, they stick around, though. And there has to be a reason for that. We think that there are actually several reasons. The easily downloadable graphics are one. The payouts are another — they’re large, they’re easy to collect, they’re what you want to know about if you’re gambling for money and not just for fun. (And which of us doesn’t that describe?!) And they include progressive jackpots.

…Although, if you’re new to the site, you may want to try the games for free. And that’s an option, too. New players … or any players … always have the choice of playing with “Fun Money.” Of course, if you win big, you don’t get to collect. But if you’re new to whatever game you’re playing, and trying to get familiar with it conservatively, here’s your chance. You can practice for no cost at all and learn your way around the game.

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But we were talking a minute ago about payouts. Now let’s talk about paying in. You know what a hassle it can be (and if you don’t, you’re lucky … or you’ve been playing at Rome all along) …especially if you choose to use a credit card to make your deposit with. Rome Casino has 11 solutions for processing credit card payments, which may not sound a chord with you, but let us tell you: When you’re trying to get your credit card cleared, so you can use it to pay your casino deposit, you’ll appreciate the fact that Rome Casino has a variety of ways to make your credit card deposit go through.

Of course, there are a variety of other ways to pay… including Moneybookers and Neteller. These are the easiest ways to deposit your money, and to induce you to take the easy route, Rome Casino offers this: On your first deposit, receive a 250% match bonus up to $2,000.

But there are still other ways to pay into Rome Casino. They include: the aforementioned credit cards, EcoCard, Use My Wallet, eWalletXpress, ACH, Click2Pay, Diners Club, and cash transfer.

One page of the website is devoted to strategies for the various casino games. These folks are doing everything in their power to help you win! And when you do, you’ll have no problem. As well as there being plenty of ways to deposit your money, there are plenty of ways to get your winnings out, as well.

Winning is fun at Rome Casino… but then, playing, whether or not you win, is fun at Rome. Partly you can chalk it up to the crisp graphics on the Top Game software. Partly you can chalk it up to the playability and easy download of the software itself.

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And of course, if you ever have a problem, or just a question, you can get help from the knowledgeable and friendly staff of Rome’s Customer Service department, who are available to you in a number of ways: via email, access from within the software itself, toll-free phone, or (not toll-free, unfortunately, but surely the least popular of the options anyhow) fax.

Rome Casino. It’s where you want to have fun.

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