Lucky Ace Casino

Lucky Ace Casino is a relative new comer to the world of online gambling and newcomers suffer most from the usual “it’s all the same” stigma. Potential players see an advertisement somewhere and assume that Lucky Ace is probably the same as their current online casino and they move on. Unfortunately for those players, they’re missing out on a real gem.

Another benefit of Lucky Ace Casino’s partnership with the 888 network is their software. The Lucky Ace Casino software package is clean, easy to use and well organized. You can get to any game they offer in about two clicks. And Lucky Ace has a lot of games- one of their most recent new offering is the Marvel video slots and you would say that Slots are a pretty simple thing, spinning reels, a coin slot, some pretty colors and occasionally some jackpots, so what is the difference? Is there really a difference from one online slot machine to another online slot machine?

The Marvel slots are one of the many themed video slot machines floating around in Cyberspace. They are based on the comic book adventures of Spider-man and the fantastic-4.

Marvel slots features 25 pay lines, and the Jackpots are awarded randomly. No matching symbols required. Which means that a player needs to have less matches then on most progressive sites to win a progressive jackpot that is exclusive to sites affiliated with the 888 network.

Players play with at a $1 minimum or a max out at $3 per spin. The Spider web feature occurs when Spider-Man appears on reels 2 and 4. After paying winning combinations in this feature, all positions on reel 3 become Wild and additional payouts are calculated and awarded.

In addition to having great games, Lucky Ace Casino also has a great customer service department. Customer service is one area that most online casinos skimp on because most players don’t think about it. In fact, no one really thinks about customer service until there’s a problem. Then they want to talk to someone and fast! Fortunately you can contact Lucky Ace Casino’s customer service department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re in England, Spain, France, Italy or Germany; you can call a toll free number to connect with a customer service representative immediately. The Lucky Ace Casino site also lists numbers that other nations can call.

Lucky Ace Casino also offers a generous bonus for first time depositors. You can get 100% on your money up to $200. The great thing about casino bonuses that good is that they effectively improve your odds since you are earning more money on your wins then you’re betting (because you’re clearing the bonus). That extra money gives you a little more cushion and a better chance of lasting long enough to go on a hot streak and cash out a winner. Depending on the game you like to play (and how much you like to bet), this bonus can be extremely easy to clear.

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