Cherry Red Casino

I miss Las Vegas. The glitz, the action, the ‘dames’ – it’s pretty hard to replicate that feeling online. But one Internet casino that comes pretty close is Cherry Red, from the same group that runs Rushmore Casino.

Entering the casino “lobby”, you are immediately impressed with a flashy video and matching tune. Lots of little graphic touches really remind you of the lights of Vegas. You also get to see the site’s progressive jackpot listings, in case you want to check out the action at a potentially hot table or loose machine.

I like to take my time at a casino and try out various games before settling in to play my bankroll. I found Cherry Red to be very accommodating in this way. You can see game previews, and choose a “play for fun” option to figure out which games suit your style.

Cherry Red also lets you wager over a large range. Slots games let you start at five cents per line, while blackjack has a $1 minimum.

The free games feature also gave me a chance to try games that I never took the time to notice before. Pai Gow always sounded like takeout food to me, but now I’ve added it to my list of favorites.

Blackjack is the classic casino game for me, so I invested a lot of time and chips there. The graphics were great – you could hear the click of the chips and the “frap” sound of the cards as both shifted around the table. It was definitely a virtual reality experience.

I took advantage of the interesting option to play two hands at the same time. After getting a bit of a payout, I moved on to other blackjack table, which were all just as impressive. At Cherry Red you can play face up 21, European style, match play 21, super 21, and Pontoon.

I should also add that the blackjack tables at Cherry Red Casino play very fast compared to other online gaming sites, which adds to the realism.

In case blackjack is not your game, or if you want to try your luck elsewhere, Cherry Red supplies (as I understand) about 80 games, including lots of slots, keno, roulette, craps, poker, sic bo, and bingo.

No matter which game you try, Cherry Red probably has a bonus to sweeten the deal. They give a $777 welcome match-up bonus, a $1200 welcome match-up for blackjack and video poker, and a $2400 welcome match-up for slots. Also keep an eye out for weekday, weekend, and special event bonuses.

One last word. Cherry Red Casino caters to US players, as well as any international player, so their banking systems are set up to handle just about anybody. They also provide round the clock customer service. No matter where you play or when you play, any issues will be addressed quickly.

So if you can’t make it to Sin City anytime soon, just log on and enjoy the atmosphere. At least no one will get drunk and throw up on your shoes.

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