Casino Euro Blackjack

Blackjack tournaments are a concept, which is only used on few online casinos. In my opinion CasinoEuro has the most advanced and interesting tournaments you’ll find on the internet. You can read about the tournament in detail here, but what makes it exciting is the combination of luck and skill that these tournaments contain. At any time in the tournament you can see the high-score list and take this information into consideration, when deciding which amount to bet CasinoEuro also offers tournaments for all their customers.

Blackjack is the most poplar table game, I often begin a review playing this game and on this occasion I did not deviate from my usual routine. After clicking on the BJ logo I was prompted with a menu giving me choice of playing on the 1-40 limit table or the 5-500 table. While I would have loved to play with the high rollers, I had to be sensible and chose the 1-40 table.

After a couple of minutes (I was on a dial-up connection), my Internet Explorer status bar indicated the ‘Applet was loaded’ and I was presented with a virtual BJ table. Players can bet on up to three different hands, and being a gambler, this was what I did. With 2 Euros sitting on each circle, I clicked the deal button. I have found that some no-download casinos usually have a lag in play in that the games take an age to communicate with the master server.

However, this proved not to be the case with Casino Euro and my cards were instantly dealt with the accompaniment of fitting sound effects. It was very pleasing to see that for no-download software, the graphics and sound effects were of excellent quality.

My first round of play resulted in 2 winning hands and 1 losing hand, so I was not off to a bad start. I continued to play BJ for quite a few hands – a testament to the quality of the gaming experience. I also firmly believe that the software plays a fair game. On a couple of occasions I was faced with the usual 6 against a dealer’s Ace. However, I found that on a number of occasions I ended up winning the most improbable of hands. Indeed, after my BJ play I left the table with 78.50 – precisely 26.50 richer.

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